Bethnal Star Land

Within the cityscape, walls and fences attempt to keep entropy at bay,

Yet, chaos persistently shines through in its own unique way.

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Earth Skin

Perception's journey through the macro land, where all appears clear, through the mesoscopic bridge, leads the mind to the micro where secrets truly unfold. 

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Spectrum of rainbow light shines through lace of the programmed mind.

Hainalt Blur

In the embrace of here and now we sway,

Moments of presence, where truths find their way.

Tension of change and stillness, life's sweet romance,

Seeds of truth sown in life's intricate dance.

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Land of Pooh: Layers

Here is the golden onion, I peel off layer after layer, truth unveils in the landscape of the mind.

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Layers: Death Valley

Dry wind whispers here, spiky border's grace,

Snow-kissed peaks out there, a distant chase.

Above cumulus clouds, where thoughts gleam,

Layer upon layer, life's a dream.

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Ultimate Arizona

My adventure through Superstition Mountains,

Hairpin turns, cliffside vistas to Apache Lake,

It's all just a vivid layered dream.

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Ultimate Landscape: Big Bear

What I know is that in the heart of desert, a dormant giant sleeps covered with a thin white blanket of snow.

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Ultimate Landscape: Holiday Blur

I've been there, but the details are unclear,

The past has vanished, and the future's not here.

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Ultimate Ocean Blue Sky

Sky and ocean unite, boundaries fade, we become one, I wake up…

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Ultimate Ocean Sky

I crafted this up in my mind, its beauty undefined,

Even if it's not real, I don't really mind.

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Ultimate Scape

I imagine this place, I long to visit, but it's not really there.

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Wall: Peeling of the Layers

I found this land on the wall in Downtown LA, then wandered in, and now it is everywhere and nowhere 

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The Way

This is the way, not there or there but here and now

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