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Maria Agni Stroka

Ultimate Ocean Sky, Layers, Triptych element no 1

Ultimate Ocean Sky, Layers, Triptych element no 1

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I observe and obsessively document the 'external' world using the photography (recording of light wave) . Subsequently, in the studio environment I examine and process the evidence I collect.

The aim is to understand and emphasise the profound connection between our perceptions of the world and the internal experiences. The layered nature of the image of the landscape provides me with a structure for what I call Mind-scape which reflects the intricate nuances of the human emotional live. I see the horizon line as a the boundary of understanding which I always  wish to push it further.

The Ultimate Ocean Sky brings together the impression of beauty, expanse of space and tranquility. It is a meditation.

Fine Art Giclée print on Hahnemühle German etching paper.

Weight 310 GSM, matt finish.

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